Controlling Light 2006

Starfield's Wayne Morrow will present "Completely Digital" at this Intertech-Pira conference, December 4-5 in San Diego.


Object-Oriented Lighting Control Design

An AIA continuing education article by Starfield and Somfy, featured in the November/December issue of Archi-tech Magazine.


Convention Center Lighting


Educational Facility Lighting


Hospital Lighting


Office Building Lighting


Comparison to EcoSystem & Standard DALI Systems




TR51 dual-channel, 600W incandescent dimmer
spec sheet




Magazine Articles

Integrated Lighting Archi-tech Magazine, May-June 2006.



Independent Lighting Control Studies

User attitudes toward occupant controlled office lighting (PDF) May 2002.

A field study of occupant controlled lighting in offices (PDF) May 2002.

Long-term patterns of use of occupant controlled office lighting (PDF) June 2002.

A quantitative study of occupant controlled office lighting (PDF) February 2003.



Papers by Starfield Controls Founder Wayne Morrow

Whole Building Dimming Workshop at Lighting Design Lab, Seattle (PDF)
14-page slide presentation from 2-hour design workshop.  Includes energy and fixture comparisons along with selected charts from the LRC's NCAR dimming study. July 2000.


Private Office Lighting Controls (PDF)
Brief overview of the results of the LRC study of lighting controls at NCAR. May 1999.


High Performance Lighting Controls in Private Offices:
A Field Study Of User Behavior And Preference
Paper presented at World Workplace 98. Co-authored with the Lighting Research Center (LRC) and based on their large field study of lighting controls by the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). October 1998.


Dimming: A Bright Idea (PDF)
Article published in Consulting Specifying Engineer covering dimming controls and HVAC/lighting control coordination. April 1997.


Personal Environments and Productivity in the Intelligent Building (PDF)
Behavior psychology issues of lighting control. June 1995.

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